Alpha and Alpha Pro Key Cutting Machine Video Links

1. The operation of S1 Automobile Jaw and S2 Single Sided Jaw calibration is a little different in Alpha and Alpha Pro key cutting machine.

Alpha: The 7th number is “1” or “3” in serial number. (e.g. E220031001 or E220033001)  




Alpha Pro: The 7th number is “6” or “9” in serial number. (e.g. E220036001 or E220039001)

Note: Please remember to calibrate Decoder-Cutter distance by S1 or S2.



2. Calibration of other jaws

Alpha & Alpha Pro have same operation.

Calibrate S3 Tubular Key Jaw

Calibrate S4 Ford Tibbe FO21 Key Jaw

Calibrate S6 Citroen SX9 Key Jaw

Calibrate S5 Engraving Jaw

Calibrate S8 Create Blade Jaw (Only Alpha Pro have)

3. All the operations of decoding and cutting keys are same in Alpha and Alpha Pro, but there will be slightly different operations about key types and align methods, so we take below four car keys as examples to show the difference.

HON66 such as Honda Accord (laser key with tip align)

HU66 such as Volkswagen Bora (laser key with shoulder align)

TOY43 such as Toyota Camry (standard key with tip align)

DWO4 such as Buick Excelle (standard key with shoulder align)

4.Other video links about cutting different keys

Duplicate Double External Groove Key

Duplicate Double Standard key

Cut New Volkswagen HU162T key

Duplicate New Volkswagen HU162T key

Cut FO21 Ford Tibbe key

Cut TOY40 Toyota Crown key

Cut single standard key

Cut Tubular Key

Cut dimple key

Cut Mul-T-Lock dimple key

5. Other functions in Alpha Pro

Cut Non-conductive key

Cut Mul-T-lock dimple key

Duplicate triple track key

Duplicate double track key

Cut new Honda smart key on S2 jaw

Cut new Honda smart key on S1 jaw

Create key head on S8 jaw

Create the width of metal key on S8 jaw

Create the thickness of metal key on S8 jaw

Create circle on key head on S8 jaw

Create left groove on S8 jaw

Create right groove on S8 jaw

Create key tip on S8 jaw

Create middle groove on key side on S8 jaw

Create Toyota 80k series from 40k series key on S8 jaw

Engrave function on S5 jaw

Cut Mazda 24

Cut Jeep Renegade SIP22 key

Cut Mercedes Benz HU64 key

Alpha Pro Cut Dimple Abus EC550 key

Alpha Pro Cut Dimple Cisa key




Post time: Apr-06-2023