Dear customers,
We are pleased to inform that we will update the Alpha Easy key cutting machine

Software version up to 49
Database version to 16.22

1.Add screen usage hints on the software startup page;
2.Add clamp switching function in the key page;

Newly added key data includes:
1 Ford HU101(7) Emergency key(ID 21167)
2 Kia KK12 key blank(IC card 1453)
3 Dacia HU179 blank(IC card 1891)
4 Chinese cars, including HAIMA,GEELY.
5 SC1(Experimental) IC Card 622200

Improved key data includes:
1.Improve Ford,Peugeot ,Citroen menu:add new choice of manufacture year in and after 2015.
2.Improve Ford,Peugeot,Citroen,ASSA key code.
3.Chang the cuts depth(IC Card 8.IC Card 828.IC Card 1141)

Please contact the manufacturer directly if met any problem.
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Whatsapp:+86 13667324745

Post time: Apr-15-2020
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