Details of SEC-E9(standard package) Promotion:


Buy every unit of SEC-E9,to get 1 free pump wedge + 1 free cutter + 1 free decoder (values $50)


A. Buy 5 units at one time, to get 5 more free mounting fits(valued $240 more)

B. Buy 10 units at one time, to get 1 free M10 manual duplicator(24v) + 1 free car power adaptor + 5 more free mounting fits (valued $696 more)

C. Buy 15 units at one time, to get 2 free M10 manual duplicators + 2 free car power adaptors + 5 more mounting fits (valued $1152 more)

D. Buy 20 units at one time, to get 1 free SEC-E9(valued $2395 more)

E. Buy 35 units at one time, to get 2 free SEC-E9 (valued $4790 more)


You Should Know Before Purchase:

1. All the machine mentioned above is meant to be machine with standard package.

2. If you don’t need free SEC-E9/M10/car power adaptor/mounting fit, you can exchange the equal value for the relevant accessories of SEC-E9;

2.All pump wedges,cutters and decoders are not redeemable for other accessories;

3.If you buy 15 unit SEC-E9/ at one time, you can make up the price difference to exchange a SEC-E9 according to the retail price;

5.If this promotion overlaps with other promotion, you can only choose one of them;

6.The final interpretation of this event is owned by Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.


Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

1th Aug,2018

Post time: Aug-01-2018
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