SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Video Links

1. Calibration for difference clamps

Automobile key clamp

Dimple key clamp

Single side key clamp

Tubular key clamp


2. The operations of decoding and cutting keys are same in all versions of SEC-E9 machines, but there will be slightly different operations about key types and align methods, so we take below four car keys as examples to show the difference.

HON66 such as Honda Accord (laser key with tip align)

HU66 such as Volkswagen Bora with the help of HU66 key clamp (laser key with shoulder align)

TOY43 such as Toyota Camry (standard key with tip align)

DWO4 such as Buick Excelle (standard key with shoulder align)


3. Other video links about cutting different keys

Cut HU64 Mercedes/Chrysler/Dodge/Freightliner keys on hu64 clamp

(HU64 clamp is used to help to fix the key blank, especially for the narrow key blank of old Mercedes.)

Cut HU66 Volkswagen/Audi/Ford/Huf/Porsche/Seat keys on hu66 clamp

Cut VA2 Renault keys on VA2 clamp

(The key with big handle,one-side cut and thinner laser key)

Cut TOY2(TOY40) Toyota/Lexus keys on TOY2 clamp

(The key blank is one-side cut and thinner laser key) 

HU162T such as Volkswagen/Audi/Huf/Seat

(when the side need to be cut for new volkswagen and Audi)

Cut FO21 Ford 6-cut Tibbe keys

Cut the R O C key on tubular key clamp

Duplicate tubular key

Cut T60 keys on dimple key clamp

Copy single sided key




Post time: Apr-14-2023