We are pleased to notice a good news to SEC-E9(Tablet Version Bluetooth Connection) users, on 10th March we’ll upgrade the key code database of SEC-E9.


After upgrade, the Software version is V14.0.7, Database version is V15.12.


1, Add HU162T(9) key


This upgrade is mainly for Volkswagen Golf7, Magotan 2018, Lavida 2018, Phaeton etc. also for Audi 2018 new models, need to work with HU162T clamp and 1.9mm cutter. (watch video: HU162T key cutting video by SEC E9 machine)


The upgrade only for Generation II and III. If your machine is Generation I, you will have to upgrade the touch screen to tablet to achieve this key data.


This upgrade only for standard SEC-E9 key cutting machine, customized machines will have special upgrade file. Please contact the manufacturer directly if yours is customized machine.


Where to upgrade: New customers please register kukai’s membership system, old customers please login the membership system.


How to upgrade: Steps to upgrade



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Post time: Mar-09-2018
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