Kukai Autumn Trip in 2018–Enjoy nature, share happiness

In order to thanks the employees for their hard work and improve the communication between them in this big family, 

Kukai organized the employees to go to the Weishan, Ningxiang for an autumn visit from October 13rd to 14th

The First Day
Nearly 2 hours drive, we arrived the first stop: Carbon river ancient city—the first cultural theme park of the zhou dynasty.
Song city charcoal river ancient city, looking for a romantic encounter, to a 3,000 years of agreement.
On the afternoon, we went to the second stop: Thousand Buddha Caves, a cave that formed 360 million years ago.
After dinner, we held a party, including team demonstration, concerted efforts, hula-hooping and other activities.
We sang, we danced, we gave a hug to each other, we played games, every family members is happy … …
The Second Day

We went to miyin temple for worship Buddha.
We religiously climbed 619 steps to worship the world’s tallest outdoor goddess of mercy
This harvest is not only the joy of autumn travel, but also the feelings between people.

Two days and one night of activities, our lovely staff also use the action to spread unique charm.
In the days to come, let us wholeheartedly into the work, with hard work and sweat, for the development of enterprises to a new level and make unremitting efforts!
Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Post time: Oct-17-2018