Instructional video—How to Cut New Honda Smart Key on S2 Jaw by Alpha Pro Key Cutting Machine

Thanks for your attention for us.

Today, we would like to show you how to cut new Honda smart key on S2 jaw by Alpha Pro

Two parts for the instructional video

Part 1: Decode and cut by original key

Part 2: Do all key lost


Let’s decode and cut by original key now

Please note that new Honda smart key can insert one side into cylinder only

We will use the Side B of S2 single-sided key jaw to cut this key.

To avoid wasting key blanks, please do calibration on S2 Jaw before decoding and cutting.

Now let’s enter into the corresponding key data. 


Well, after enter the key data, we will see there are distinguish for Side A and Side B. A photo of original key will be better for reference.

Side A: Key tip towards down and deep root milling groove