1.The incentives for the top 3 who get the most points

First Prize: E9 key cutting machine/set(one person, valued $2395), accumulated points ranked first place and over 400 points(including 400 points);

Second prize: M10+power adapter used in the car(one person, valued $456), accumulated points ranked second place and over 300 points(including 300 points);

Third prize: E9 tablet PC(one person, valued $350), accumulated points ranked third place and over 200 points(including 200 points);

Consolation award: points can be exchange to coupon, every 2 points for $1 coupon, up to $420 coupon can be used to purchase E9 CNC key cutting machine and other products(order amount $1000 can be used, except shipping and handling fee);

How to get point on our facebook?

1.During the valid time, follow our company Facebook, like and share to your friends can acquire point, 5 points for one time, up to 20 points for this item.

2.After entering the elimination match, as long as participate and guess each competition on our facebook, you can get 10 points each time.

3.The standard of getting points as follow: guess correctly who will win in 1/8 finals can get 30 points each competition; guess correctly who will win in 1/4 finals can get 40 points each competition; guess correctly semi-final can get 50 points; guess correctly who is the Third places can get 60 points; guess correctly in Champion competition can get 100 points.

Participate in guessing the winner and gaining the points as shown in the table below:

Schedule sessions Participate points Guess correctly points remark
    Participate standard Points to get Guess correctly  standard Points to get  
1/8 finals 8 10 80 30 240  
1/4 finals 4 10 40 40 160  
Semi-final 2 10 20 50 100  
Third&Fourth places finals 1 10 10 60 60  
Championship 1 10 10 100 100  
Total 16   160   660  


Valid Time: 17:00 30th June 2018 – 18:00 15th July 2018(UTC/GMT +3 )

Publish time: 20th July 2018. Reward cashing time: 31st August 2018(UTC/GMT +3 )

Participate: All friends who love football and love the World Cup

Post time: Jun-27-2018
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