Get the right automobile ignition steps

Get the right automobile ignition steps


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Most of us will be one of the keys to the car when the driver leaves screw in the end, while older driver think like a tranche of a file of the screw, and per file stop off for a few seconds after the ignition, so less damaging for the car.



Car key hole is generally divided into four stalls, respectively “lock”, “ACC”, “on”, “start”. ignition when the need to progressively operating, eliminate from the “lock” stalls stalls screwed onto the “start”, because instant power will make the car battery who have suffered shock loads, thus causing vehicle electrical systems or electronic configure the  “punch”  bad.




So during an operation’s process should level level screw key move, let take turns to enter the vehicle electrical accessories state, thus alleviating the accumulator is pressure.


Most novice drivers are not familiar with the vehicles, i don’t know “vehicles have initiated a” state of mind, in initiating vehicle when a screw in the end and not doing nothing. so long time ignition, serious wear and tear of the engine, and even lead to the engine directly scrapped. 


A key to start the correct methods of operation


1, Press “start” lightly, vehicles connected to the power supply;


2, Press again, dashboard lights light up, at this time is equivalent to “on” file, car automatic inspection, in preparation for the ignition, the last to start the car.


To be on safe, we usually start when car keys transferred to the third tranche of the “on” file time of stay for a couple of seconds, until the vehicle self after it has been launched.








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