Company Antumn Trip in 2017

During 13th and 14th October, Kukai company host a autumn trip to Lushan West Sea in order to thanks the hardworking employees and some of their families.

The First Day


Autumn is a harvest season, in this season we came out of Changsha, Hunan,

came to Jiangxi province, to feel the scenery and beauty of another city.

Nearly 4 hours by car, we arrived at the first stop of tourism:  

the only one beach playground in Jiujiang City- Golden Beach and the surrounding small islands.

After dinner, we played games together.

We sing, we dance, we embrace, we play games, every family members are happy … …


The Second Day

Wuling Gorge

The harvest is not only the fruit between the mountains, there are emotions between people, between people and the feelings of the family.

Despite difficulties, any difficulties are hard to beat Kukai’s people.

The road longitudinal and dangerous, mountain road rugged,

we also smile and use strength to defeat difficulties.

Bridge in bridge

Two days and nights of activities, our lovely staff also use the action to spread unique charm.


In the days to come, let us wholeheartedly into the work, with hard work and sweat, for the development of enterprises to a new level and make unremitting efforts!

Post time: Oct-23-2017