1.SEC-E9(standard package)promotion for retails:

Buy 1 unit of SEC-E9, get 1 free FO21 Ford Tibbe clamp(valued $115)


2.SEC-E9(standard package)Promotion for distributors:

A.Buy 2~4 units at one time, get $25 coupons per unit(valued $50-100 in total)

B.Buy 5-9 units at one time, get $40 coupons per unit(valued $200-360 in total)

C.Buy 10-19 units at one time, get $60 coupons per unit(valued $600-1140 in total)

D.Buy 20-39 units at one time, get $80 coupons per unit(valued $1600-3120 in total)

E.Buy 40 units or more at one time, get $100 coupons per unit(valued $4000 at least)

F.Buy 20 units at one time,to get 1 free sec-e9(valued $2395

G.Buy 35 units at one time,to get 2 free sec-e9(valued $4790

H.Buy 50 units at one time,to get 3 free sec-e9(valued $7185


*Each machine will get 1 more free FO21 Ford Tibbe clamp, for distributor ONLY;

*Over 20 units at one time,you can choose the sec-e9 or coupons .


Conditions for the use of coupons :

1.Next order over $2,500 are available

2.Next order over $4,500 are available

3.Next order over $7,500 are available

4.Next order over $18,000 are available

5.Next order over $30,000 are available



You Should Know Before Purchase:

1.If you don’t need the FO21 tibbe clamp, you can exchange the mounting fit + car power adaptor

2.If this promotion overlaps with other promotions, you can only choose one of them;

3.The final interpretation of this event is owned by Hunan Kukai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Post time: Apr-30-2019
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