With unique design and stable quality, SEC-E9 key cutting machine from KKKCUT 

has been vigorously promoted by our exclusive distributor-Romocon Spain SL. in Spain.

A few days ago they have hold a trade show.


This trade show is taken place at Alicante, Spanin within two days in 30th June, 1st July.

The whole trade show is mainly for key cutting machines and remote control. Among 150 people attended there are locksmith, shoe repairs and people from hardware stores.


Mr. Fermin give a fully presentation about SEC-E9 to participants. Let’s see some shoots from the scene:

site layout for the show

SEC-E9 is placed on the desk

many people sitting and viewing the show

This show was a great success!


If you are in Spain, you can contact Mr. Fermin Villen Fajardo in Remocon Spain SL.


Company: Remocon Spain SL 
Contactor: Fermin Villen Fajardo
Mobile : +34-637-430-814
Tel: +34-925-340-660
Address: Ignacio Aldecoa 15 Street 4078 longford dr 29004 Malaga Spain

Post time: Jul-05-2017
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